Time to hire your costumed entertainer!

Have you considered lately that costumed character entertainers can really impact your event? It can help your marketing, help your engagement with customers, help you create an original image, or experience and make a real impact on your event.  Consider hiring your favorite of the many costumed characters offered by Katy BEE.

Find your special way to customize and fire up your employees, customers, or friends by hiring one of the best entertainers in Michigan!  Trained in Europe and the USA, fluent in Spanish, English (and quite good in French), she will entertain your family and friends in their own language (when possible). Or you can have a language party and learn some new words from around the world.

Engage your people, and your surroundings by bringing on the fun with Katy BEE!

Character list includes: Mime, BEE BEE Clown, Zombie lady (Slimey), Elf, Circus Ring Leader, Clumsy Ninja, Princess, Human Statue, and there are customized options. Some past customers requested for example a West Virginia Mountaineer, or a Sock Monkey. The world of entertainment can go where ever your imagination will take you.

TheGuardian writes about the benefits of having a company culture and some fun mixed in with all the work.  Employee happiness is directly related to having a social culture. Management and Human Resources (HR) should pay attention when looking at how the best companies create a happy work environment. Katy BEE can help with consulting on creative company culture and how to bring a new experience with new ways to bond employees and create a culture of happiness.

Entrepreneur.com has written as well about the benefits that may not be obvious of co-workers that are happy. There is a great infographic in the article about employee friendships, bonding through evaluations, and the importance of employees feeling appreciated by the company.

Hire a costumed character and increase engagement in your audience
Hire a costumed character and increase engagement in your audience

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