The party season is starting, and for those that are considering have a special event this summer, now is the time to start finding your entertainer.  Many of the bookings that happen all summer start in April and May. Waiting until the last minute during this time of year means that there could be some real difficulty in finding the right person for the event.  In many cases when one waits too long, there can be problems. Many times customers call saying that their entertainer has canceled with barely any notice and they are in a pickle.

Considering the quality of your entertainer, and their track record could prevent some major headaches later.  Party entertainment is an important necessity to have an excellent experience with both the entertainer and the guests at the party.

If someone hires a clown and has fifty children coming, and that entertainer cancels, the host is left with a responsibility to entertain without the chance to plan ahead, without props, and without the experience of dealing with large numbers of people.

So, the time has come to hire your entertainer for the spring and summer 2017. Click on the contact link at the top of the page or contact through any social media source.

Best Wishesbeebee3