A singing telegram is a great way to surprise your birthday co-worker, friend, spouse, or parent.  The best thing about a singing telegram is the surprise, and then next is the personalization.  The more personalized and custom the singing telegram, the more impact that it has on disrupting the moment, and offering a new energy to the day.  The singing telegram success depends upon connecting with the recipient before the actual date. Getting lots of information about who is receiving the telegram helps a lot with making it a very personal and fun experience.

Here are some things to think about when preparing for a singing telegram:

  1. Who is the recipient
  2. Is there a song that was important to you as a group, or a couple, or as friends that would be something to deepen the moment?
  3. What are some favorite things that can be referred to during the telegram delivery?
  4. How can the delivery person convey the depth of the relationship between the recipient and the sender?
  5. What makes this person special or different?
  6. What feeling is the sender trying to convey? Love, fun, a joke, or a serious moment?

Comedy and laughter are great connectors and paths to networking.  By hiring a singing telegram, with a personal touch, people can feel very special, wanted and loved by those afar who are trying to reach out.

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