What does Katy BEE offer for events?

Katy BEE offers many choices for your event. She is a variety entertainer, with a juggling and hula hoop show that can be done in small or larger spaces, indoors or outdoors. She also has a glow show that should be done indoors in a situation where the lights can be switched off for about 20 minutes, or after dark. This glow show has the potential for both corporate or family entertainment. Any logo will be able to be seen during the finale of the show.

Companies like Steelcase and Colonial Life have enjoyed the finale with their logo and keywords for their meetings. Any company can contact Katy BEE and have a unique one-of-a-kind experience specified to each company’s motto, slogan, or key phrases. She will support not only the theme of the conference, but will bring activities as well that help create a cohesive team.

In addition to her pre-packaged shows she offers character wandering as a mime, cowgirl, mountaineer, circus ring leader, of course BEE BEE Clown, princess, sock monkey and more.

Her singing telegrams can’t be beat. They are customized, tailored to the recipient and the sender, with many choices of music, costumes, and “feeling.”

Impromptu dance parties are great for corporate or office entertainment to shift the energy. It is a quick visit, for the whole office to get moving, and bring on some fun within the office. Not a lot of space is needed, or preparation for that matter.

So whatever the event, think about the most creative choice around that will make your moment super special. Check out the other websits for BEE BEE Clown, and follow me on Instagram @katy_bee_llc_ or like the Facebook page.

Keep your eyes posted for new offerings, and opportunities to bring Katy BEE  into your event. And check the BEE BEE Clown blog for news about the science behind laughter and other very interesting posts regarding life, laughter, healing, and wellness.

Katy BEE travels to your event
Katy BEE travels to your event anywhere in the country to help your group with entertainment or team building

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