Starry Night AirBnB Camper at Tecopa part 1

One story from my trip to the west coast includes my Starry Night Camper AirBnB experience. Admittedly, it was my first time using the service. I have couch surfed with great success, but had not taken the Air BnB jump until now. I have to admit I’m very happy with the experience!

I arrived at the location and was greeted by my host who gave me a tour of the area, and my wonderful teal-painted trailer. They pointed out the list of activities available including razor rides through the desert (kind of like dune buggy rides), hot spring soaks, which could be indoors or outdoors, alone, or in a group, and hiking, for starters.

The hike is what I chose to do and that is the focus of this post, among the wonderful AirBnB quarters, which will be continued over a number of posts.

I slept very well in my bed, with plenty of heat since the evening temps were in the 30’s, (high desert).  The landscape was mars-like in the middle of  Death Valley, and amazingly strange. I hiked for what seemed like miles…

After some time I found a Native American medicine wheel. It was exactly what I needed! A spiritual stop on my journey to honor those who had passed before me and who were to help me remove my “city thinking” and ground myself in nature. I considered my journey, where I had come from, where I was going, and all aspects of the present – all four corners of my life up to that day.

I decided I needed to spend some time and honor my father with a stone prayer mound. I think I spent about two hours carrying rocks as I meditated on his life, his illness which gradually took his independence over five years and eventually took his life in June.

His mound joined that of four others that were already there. As I was building, a couple passed by on the trail. They said hello, and each took one stone to their mounds. They acknowledged my work, said they would honor my father and that they hike on this path every day. I was grateful.

I headed back down to my trailer and was sidetracked by a beautiful installation of earth art created by years of visitors spending some time adding to the landscape.

I walked the labyrinth and meditated on everyone who walked the path before me. It was a quiet, serene, beautiful experience. I will share more in another post, and wanted to make sure to mention the amazing people that made my stay so excellent, with Kelly and her family at the Starry Night Camper.

to be continued…

for you reference here is a link to Kelly’s AirBnB