15 Reasons to Laugh

Need to lift yourself up a tad? Try laughter!

Laughter is healthy, bringing with it an immune response, endorphins, happy chemicals, muscles working, and good old fashioned good mood.

These 15 reasons are sourced from http://www.healinglaughter.org (provider of my Laughter Wellness Certificate).

  1. Sven Svebak – 54,000 Norwegians studied and it was found that adults who have a sense of humor live longer.
  2. People with severe illness have 31% increased survival rate if they have a sense of humor.
  3. Ohio study says a more positive view cause almost 7.8 years in increased lifespan.
  4. Much like juggling, laughter stimulates both sides of the brain, increasing clarity, creativity and more.
  5. Make sure you laugh with your kids! You will help increase their academic performance, creativity, social bonding, and physical stamina!
  6. Fun is not frivolous, it’s a necessity for life
  7. Laughter yoga includes: breathing, physical activity, spiritual and physical benefits.
  8. Laughing is enlightenment!
  9. Stanford University suggests that one minute of laughter can equal ten minutes on a rowing machine.
  10. Even if you fake it as Amy Cuddy suggests in her Ted Talk about body language, it can change your life.
  11. Laughter elevates your pain threshold.
  12. Laughter decreases stress hormones.
  13. Laughter stimulates circulation.
  14. Laughter elevates self-esteem and hope.
  15. Laughter changes our perception of the world and helps us change what we may see as a threat to what can be seen as a challenge instead.