Who Is Katy BEE


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • MBA (Masters in Business Administration)
  • Laughter Yoga Certificate
  • Circus Education from Europe
  • Social Media Certifications
  • 8 years of experience clowning full time
  • years of world travel with multiple languages

Put this together and you get a very innovative thinker, out-of-the-box individual, and a highly professional person.

Clients can purchase:

  • pre-existing shows
  • customizable corporate team building
  • keynote speeches
  • singing telegrams
  • a party clown
  • impromptu dance parties
  • pre-existing stage shows
  • singing telegrams

Please call for ideas, or to consider the endless possibilities for something new and different at the office. She is a creative services specialist prepared to brainstorm the best solution for your party, business event, or fundraiser.

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