What to do When Social Distancing? Make a project!

So, my business as a clown has been severely affected by the Coronavirus. I have started to create options for virtual visits, but I have not had a lot of customers interested in this option. My goal is to revisit in the Fall once we know what is happening with online or face to face classes. I hope to create interesting “assembly” options for schools, teachers, daycares, and parents.

For example, this summer has been a trial of some of my equipment and has turned into a fascinating study of life in the lakes around Mecosta and nearby counties. I hope to expand this over time, but currently have stayed close to home while social distancing. The beauty of this project is that it lends very well to social distancing, allows me to be creative, and also beat the heat – and it’s free (other than the parks sticker for my car and gas)!

I can not believe the number of lakes that I had never heard of or did not know existed. There are so many, that I am still discovering new areas to explore. This project started as “10 lakes in 10 days” however, I think I’m up to 12 or 13 lakes so far, and as long as the sun shines, and it’s warm, I hope to keep exploring!

I’m excited to share with you! Here are some photos of how Michigan can look like the Everglades (who knew??) and that the underwater landscape of each lake is both similar and different!

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