Introducing Spontaneous Joy with Joy First Foundation

Introducing my new 501c3 Nonprofit Organization! Joy First Foundation is a new offering hoping to bring new possibilities to bringing Joy to strangers! You can help support the movement by donating any amount to support supplies, or visits. You can go to for more information or read the latest newsletter below:


Help us bring “Random Joyful Moments” to those in need by giving on Giving Tuesday.

Introducing the Joy First Foundation

Kate McGlynn, aka Katy BEE has formed a new Nonprofit Organization designed to bring Joy, coach Joyful living, Offer Joyful moments to senior centers and staff, hospitals, veterans, wounded warriors and their families, bring Joyful Yoga, laughter Yoga, Surprise Joy, on the road, online, and random moments of Joy.

Joy is radical and revolutionary!

Help support the movement!

Random moments of Joy for all living beings!

You Support Allows the Joy to be Random

When you donate to Joy First, you are helping to create pop-up joyful moments and spontaneity. That means, that the nearest senior center gets some surprise balloon animals, and it’s already funded by your donation. The staff at the local hospital gets a moment of Joy (especially after being short staffed during COVID) – in the moment. Because you donated, people of all agencies, jobs, cultures, and locations get to have a pre-paid moment of Joy.

When we stopped in Murphy, North Carolina at a senior center and made balloon animals the staff said, “You have no idea how much I needed this!”

Watch a Short Video Intro
Watch about the Tour of Joy
Donate for Giving Tuesday to Joy First

From the domestic violence shelters, the homeless shelters, the orphanages, the grocery workers, emergency staff, school staff, students, patients, seniors, nurses, doctors, terminal kids

Thank you!

“We really needed that!”

Joy First is a Fully Qualified (Tax Deductible) Charitable

501c3 Organization.


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