Innovation is sometimes created by dance!

Who needs some extra Creativity? Having recently moved to Western Michigan, the weather is changing, the sun is out a little less than during the summer, and it could be easy to get into a rut at work, at home, or even in our heads.   What helps us create new neurons and synaptic opportunities for creativity? DANCE! Scientists have shown that as we age, dance has become a very important part of keeping us young!  Check out this article on Neuroplasticity and the benefits of dance.

Writers of also referred to dance as potentially able to increase neuroplasticity, memory, and prevent illnesses like dementia for us as we age.

Business professionals are becoming aware of the benefits of dance in the office.  Valeh Nazemoff, is writing about dance and business, and is quoted as saying, “dance can lift you to new professional heights.”

Dance is one of those things that supports collaboration, creativity, wellness, morale, and improves mood. For the benefits, no partner is needed, no pre-existing skills, just the ability to let go, and start moving. For all ages, there are massive benefits.

Especially in the winter months, as Michigan is not creating much Vitamin D, sometimes all that is needed is to get some music playing, the body moving, and new ideas can spring out of simply changing the environment.  Try to see what happens when something new is explored in the corporate climate. Make a phone call to discuss creative consulting with Katy BEE. You will not regret it. She will customize a program just for your needs at a reasonable price. If you prefer a package that already exists, she can explain that too. Great entertainment for adults and kids, and maybe she will quote Harvard or Yale or MIT.

Contact Katy BEE for more information:

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Don’t forget about our customizable Singing Telegram   package!

Katy BEE can be a creative opportunity for the office
Bringing someone different into the office often brings new opportunities

Katy BEE is also available for creative consulting for a customized experience tailored to your specific needs.

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