Business of entertaining businesses

Short entertainment can spark business innovation
Business entertainment

Entertainment at the office is quite an oxymoron, but in many cases it is necessary for business to get brains moving and bodies moving to spark some innovation. Do you need to change the “vibe” at the office? Do you have a project that needs work and everyone is stuck in a rut? Bring on the Impromptu Dance Party fun!

Katy BEE will come in and bring the music and energy to get your office moving.  Imagine an office meeting that gets a 15 minute break with an outside influencer that comes in and shifts the energy from stressful, to fun!  The collaborators get some fun and frivolity for a few minutes. When they sit back down they are energized, oxygenized, and ready to get back to work.

There are studies from many sources (which will be approached more specifically soon) that show the benefits of not only getting up and moving, but laughter, group dance, and team building from an activity like this. Try us out! Give Katy BEE a call. She will work with you to customize something specific that will really make a memorable impression to outsiders of how your business is thinking outside of the box.

According to Carson Tate at FastCompany, novel ideas come from novel experiences. It is important for human beings to have fun without purpose, experience new places and activities, and go to “recess.” According to the article there are cognitive benefits that come from fun, including creativity.

Katy Bee wants to bring on the fun to the office. She will work with each manager to determine the best method to deliver that fun. Call her the “Fun Consultant,” and call her now!

Specifically, even the Huffington Post writes about how healthy dance is.  Katy BEE has written about the benefits in more detail in this article.


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