Time for a GLOW SHOW

This spring, Katy BEE offers the groundbreaking Glow Show! An all LED performance with jugging rings, clubs, balls, hula hoop and poi. A cirque style show about the light within all of us. Great for kids and adults. Be the first to hire this new show and wow your guests. Photos and video of the debut performance coming soon. Considering to have a glow party? Check out these ideas on Pinterest. BEE BEE Clown or one of Katy’s other characters can perform this new Glow performance. Check out the other ways you can hire Katy BEE:

  • You can have an Impromptu Dance Party
  • You can hire BEE BEE Clown to come and do her existing juggling and hula hoop show, balloon twisting, and interactive dancing activities
  • You can hire her to create a customized Singing Telegram
  • You can hire her to create a custom performance for your event on stage, or wandering
  • You can bring her into your senior center to entertain the residents
  • You can bring her to your long-term care facility for some interactive stimulation
  • You can simply call Katy BEE to chat and brainstorm ideas for your event.

Katy BEE wants to make any event a new, memorable experience for all of her guests, audience members, and recipients.  More than any other entertainer in Michigan, Katy BEE will bring a small flavor of the global environment to your event with her knowledge of languages, and cultural exchange that results from travel, study, and a lot of hard work to be the best entertainer around. If your parents don’t speak english, she will make a big effort to make them feel connected by learning some words from their language, and sharing common interests, for example – Barcelona Soccer is a fun topic, especially when they are winning 😉

glow with Katy BEE
Glow show to light up your event

Don’t hesitate, the spring, summer and fall dates are filling up quickly! Call Katy BEE!


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