It’s Red Nose Day

Happy Red Nose Day everyone! It’s an important day to think of others and charity. When you donate to Comic Relief, you help other around the globe. Time to put your nose on and make a difference. BEE BEE Clown would really appreciate your help 🙂

Various charities that Katy BEE has worked with in the past include:

Operation Home Front
The Arthritis Foundation
Relay for Life
Wounded Warriors
Food Not Bombs
Red Nose Day
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
NIH Children’s Inn
National Breast Cancer Foundation
American Cancer Society
Clowns without Borders
The Michigan ALS Association

And that is just to name a few. For organizations like Operation Home Front she was able to volunteer for this charity two to three times a year. Due to her schedule that is not always possible, but her future focus plans to try and join hospital clowns to further her reach to terminal children and adults in need of a laugh. Her research shows that laughter is like both exercise and medicine.

Take a look further into Katy BEE and contact her for booking.

If you are a charity, and are looking for an entertainer, please consider that she may ask for gas and some supplies to be provided. Otherwise, she is happy to help and if her schedule allows she would love to attend your event.  She has experience with Autism, ALS, PTSD sufferers, Breast Cancer survivors, homeless veterans, arthritis sufferers, service animals, caretakers, stroke victims, elderly caseworkers, and more.

Booking for charity events can be a bit more complicated, but with advance notice, anything is possible. If she can, she would love to attend all events, but that is not always possible. Please consider booking in advance for your charity event.

Singing telegrams are also a quick and easy way to help raise the roof in the room and create a fun time.

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