Birthday party best option, Katy BEE

There are many ways to throw a good birthday party for your child, but what makes the difference between a great party and a perfect party?  Here is a list of what to consider.

  1. Music – Having music at the party in the background is a great way to create atmosphere. With some good pop music, the adults and the kids can both feel the music, and the energy and enjoy their favorite tunes.  It is possible to see the kids and the adults bouncing to the beat of their most beloved song from the latest family movie, which means that a memorable birthday moment is being created.
  2. Food – It is good to consider the type of birthday food to serve and how much food will be needed for all of the party-goers. Kids tend to prefer finger foods like pizza (which can be delivered to the party), or chicken tenders, for example. A nice plate of fresh vegetables and hummus or another dip would be a great way for kids to get some veggies with their pizza or chicken, and parents will also dive in.  Some parties have large amounts of food catered for the event, but often there are tons of leftovers and the hosts are begging people to take food with them. This can be wasteful.
  3. Fun – How to have the best time for both the kids and adults at the party?  Some people create crafting opportunities, and some have games planned out like musical chairs that the parents and kids can do together or separately. The type of fun you have depends on of course your friends and family and what they might be willing to do.
  4. Decorations and theme – It is important to note, that although a theme may be important to you, or seem important to your child in the moment, it may not be so important for the other kids. Try not to hold too tightly to a theme. It is always cute to have matching Thomas the Tank Engine  wall hangings, plates and decorations, but please do not plan on the fact that all the kids will be into Thomas.  More than likely that is not going to be the case.  If you hope that the face painter that you hire will only paint Thomas themed faces, the kids will be disappointed.
  5. Timing–  Plan your birthday party long enough to have the entertainer do their entertaining, time for people to eat, and kids to have an experience, but not too long. Kids get tired from all the stimulation and if the party goes all night, the kids may start to have issues.  Also, what time the party happens is also important. If the 1st birthday you have planned starts at 7pm, there is a good chance you may have a cranky baby.  Consider the regular nap time when the baby goes down, and there will be more good luck for a happy baby if your party happens after nap time.  Many times nap time is not considered, and the baby cries and needs cuddling during the entire party, which makes it difficult for parents to socialize with their guests.
  6. Your Entertainer – Consider this.  The entertainer that comes to your birthday party needs to be experienced, well paid, and should be the expert in how the party will go. The right entertainer will take care of the music, atmosphere, organizing the kids, giving them and you attention, and will be flexible in case the kids are not interested in one of the activities planned.

Katy BEE is extremely well versed in party planning.  Consider asking Katy BEE for advice if you need help planning your party.  The best party is satisfying to both the parents and the children, and with Katy BEE entertainment, the kids will have fun, get some exercise, be entertained, feel an empowered atmosphere, and have an experience that they will not forget.

Katy BEE serves Michigan and the surrounding areas.  Her customers are very happy. She can help you if you have never planned a party before to figure out the timing, and she takes care of many activities for you, (except the food and decoration).

Bee Bee Clown is an awesome birthday gift
BEE BEE Clown is only one of Katy BEE’s original characters

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