Juggling daytime, nighttime, perfect

A day party enables you to use the outdoors as the environment, have some space to run around and enjoy the sun while she is juggling for your guests.  Hiring your entertainer outside has its benefits, but can be rough if the temperatures are super high.

A night party enables you to take advantage of new technology for your entertainment. LED (light) juggling and dance, with a new tech feel and an amazing result. Hiring your entertainer in the evening is also a good idea, whether it is for adults or kids.

Singing telegrams can be delivered day or evening, impromptu dance parties can occur at your event or office during the day or evening.

Juggling can be done during the day or night time, indoors or outdoors. With Michigan weather, of course, it is good to plan a contingency in case the weather does not want to cooperate.  Katy Bee is flexible enough to try and work with any situation. She has tried juggling in high winds, rainstorms, and other weather anomalies. These do make for more physical comedy shows than maybe she planned on.

Generally the space needed for a juggling and hula hoop show is about 10×10 ft not including where the audience will sit. Children can sit on the floor, and adults can arrange chairs or sit at pre-existing tables as well if in a banquet room for example.  Consider the kind of feeling that one would like the room to have. Katy BEE can also brainstorm details for this too.

So whether you want to hire a surprise telegram (singing or dancing) for the office, or a full birthday experience with face painting and balloon twisting, or a corporate visit that includes team building, Katy BEE can do that. Day or night, in or out, in your office or on the roof, she is ready to bring on the fun for your event.

Juggling is only one way to have fun
Katy BEE offers juggling and many more ways to entertain


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