Travel Before and After Covid-19

Sometimes I get to travel for work, and sometimes I get to travel so I can blog about it. I have been a little behind, so this post is a catch-up, with further posts going into more detail about some of my journeys.

Before COVID-19


Had an amazing time, just by myself exploring for a few days. The weather was not great, for most of the time, but all I needed was a break. Spent some time in the Everglades, and around Pompano Beach where the sun did finally come out. Some may say I was nearby and didn’t contact anyone, but I was in serious need of a solitary break. Don’t worry! I’ll be back for sure!!


The Mojave Desert – Las Vegas and Just over the California border – is a favorite place to visit. This trip will be written about in more detail as I had the wonderful experience to see the Amargosa Opera House – and I am still finishing up the book related to Marta Becket’s story. She was a ballet dancer in New York who bought an old theatre house in the middle of the Mohave Desert, and proceeded to paint her audience on the walls. The work is stunning, her story is inspiring, and her documentary is just mind-blowing.


I had heard about how there were artists projecting on a building and it took a little time but I found it! WOW in 2018 this started…

“Art on theMART” turned the Merchandise Mart’s entire 2.5-acre south wall into a canvas of public art which was seen by thousands lining a closed-to-traffic Wacker Drive. The building is officially now known as theMART.” (source)

I had never seen The Bean for myself, or walked much along the streets of downtown, again, another detailed post – worthy of all the great photos of amazing downtown Chicago. And people who will complain I didn’t say hello – but when I travel sometimes I just need time to myself. (sorry… I hope people can understand).


After the lockdown, travel changed for me. In order to get away and just get a break, I had to stay close. The beauty is I have not seen everywhere around me yet. So I took out my Jeep, “Jeepsy Driver”, and together we adventure-d. As usual this all deserves a more detailed post because there is so much to tell. However, for now I will start here:


Before the buds started on the trees, but the sun had finally come out and the snow had melted, it was time to get out and see more of my surroundings. I had no idea the number of off-road travel destinations that were with 20 miles of me! I enjoyed hanging out with some Razors and Dirt Bikes (in Jeepsy), and finding more lakes and river locations to just sit and take a breather, alone, while social distancing! It was great!! OH! And, did I mention the little bear that crossed the road on my way home? That was a treat!

MECOSTA COUNTY, MI – Martiny Chain

Once the weather warmed up, I had to get in the kayak to do more exploring! The Martiny Chain of lakes is HUGE, and I’m excited to continue exploring!

MECOSTA COUNTY, MI – Muskegon River

I haven’t kayaked or canoed for more than a couple of hours in years, this six hour trip was amazing, beautiful, a bit of work and a bit challenging, but completely doable. Starting at Green Charter Boat Launch and ending at a smaller boat launch where I had left my car, this was a full day of snacking, fishing, floating and paddling. Didn’t catch any fish but was fun to try.

MECOSTA COUNTY, MI – Roger’s Pond Fishing

I admit, I have been a little bit obsessed with the “Alone” series, so have been wandering around looking for fishing locations around Mecosta. This is near the Roger’s Dam fishing access (DNR), and looks good. I didn’t bring my gear, as I was scouting first… the biggest problem I have is that I never see anyone catch anything, and I’d like to have some luck. I do have a plan for a location I would like to try next.. I’ll keep you posted.

So, there’s a bit of a wrap up – for travel, and again, I would like to post more detail about some of these locations because of the amazing finds I have come across. More to come and more to travel with myself and my Jeepsy Driver, and my so-far-unnamed kayak.

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