Performing the World Virtual Event Aug 22nd – Clowning and Healing

On August 22nd 5-6:30pm, a number of us will come together to participate in the East Side Institute’s program “Performing the world.” We will be discussing Clowning Around with PTSD and presenting as many angles of the same issue. Combat Vets, who have worked with Patch Adams, and clowned around in orphanages in South America, learned the healing powers of play and clowning. Spouses and family members of these combat vets also have seen benefits from joining their loved ones in clowning. Women who have suffered sexual trauma in the military, also have seen great benefits and help from clowning, enabling them to re-enter society without fear.

Performing the World was founded by the East Side Institute as a reaction to 9/11 in New York City. Since then, the organization has offered the world a chance to show how performance activism, social performance, and therapeutic play offer healing, and social change.

As a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the conference this year is virtual. It’s a virtual festival of play, performance and development featuring performance activists from across the planet! Weekends, July 25-Aug 30. Register HERE!

I hope you will join us, now (Today’s next presenter will be at 5pm EST). And for more exciting presenters through the weekend of August 30.

Our presentation promo video is here:

You can register for our event (and any others) Register HERE! Participants from our group include folks from Ferris State University, the American Legion, Marines, Army, and Air Force vets from the Vietnam era up to today. This group effort has taken these clowns to VA hospitals in the Midwest, to suicide prevention events for veterans, to homeless vet events, and with the Coronavirus, we hope to widen our reach even more through virtual events, like this one with Performing the World.

Dr. Mark Kane can be emailed for more information on how to book events with the Michigan Warrior Clowns.

Katy BEE can also be emailed for more information.

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