How to Stay Creative During COVID

So, live shows are not happening right now, so my work is shifting to offering creative services for individuals who may want to create something fun as a “Video Gram” customizable gift highlighting special moments and feelings between you and your recipient. Also, video editing for businesses and productions that need help making video content that is interesting for their customers.

Special effects, customization, and fun are the key points of these projects. How can we continue to create new during the pandemic, especially if this is going to last awhile.

Ferris State University produced a Virtual Musical “The Theory of Relativity” (Music and Lryics by Neil Bartram and Book by Brian Hill), was done with students in their dorm rooms or family homes using green screen. It was quite an undertaking and very successful.

Katy BEE showed on stage a performance of the “Magical, Mystical, Mysterious Show about Light” and then made it possible to stream it live on Zoom! She has also created customizable lyrics and video for individuals as Virtual Singing “Video Grams” – she has written original lyrics, and created content that can be enjoyed over and over forever as a wonderful memory between the gifter and the recipient.

For more information, Contact Katy BEE at 240-355-0988 or katy (at) and she can discuss any details with you.

If your business needs advertising, custom content, social media help, a website, or any digital services please contact her. She is continually experimenting and by the way has even gained some experience with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the past 18 months. She loves a challenge!

Click to watch 2021 Demo Video with Katy BEE Digital Services If thumbnail is not showing up please press play and video will play.

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