Joining, Learning, and Participating During COVID

Katy BEE is so excited to be participating with the following organizations and events for the next few months! (images are clickable for more information).

This weekend for example, she is participating in a conference called “Play, Perform, Learn, and Grow – Creating belonging in times of pandemic.” where she will interact with hundreds of activists and presenters from around the world using art, theatre, and technology to heal, share, and co-create amazing possibilities for all of us. According to the website, it was Founded in 2017 in response to the dehumanizing conditions created by the refugee policy crisis in Europe, PPLG has already taken place three times. It brings together people from around the world who use play and performance to engage social issues, heal trauma, stimulate imagination and possibility, generate community, and build bridges.

As a participant, she is very excited to learn from the expertise of others!

The Global Play Brigade

Helping to create new play opportunities, working with the Latin American community, and with other global players. It’s an honor to work aside Marian Rich.

The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor

As a member, she is hoping to hit the restart button on her practice as she learns more ways to help create these spaces for healing, fun, play and laughter that can impact both adults and kids.

East Side Institute

This organization specialized in “Performance Activism” which is a root of many of these other organizations. They offer classes very regularly and have a long history of creating innovative programs coming out of New York City

The International Class

As a participant in the International Class through the East Side Institute – Katy will begin to explore more in therapeutic play, performance activism, and social therapeutics. This is an amazing and very interesting opportunity.

Yoga Renew

Bucket list items, attaining a 200 hour yoga teacher training, and children’s yoga teacher training has been on her list for a long time. Now is the time to add these items to her repertoire – and keep moving forward!

As she begins to join with these amazing organizations, she is evolving. Below is her biography that shares her experience.

Katy BEE is so excited to join the American Association of Therapeutic Humor as a multi-lingual, heartfelt, performance activist, presenter, public speaker, and facilitator, with experience ranging from traditional acting to professional clown, circus artist, mime, and improviser.

She is seriously interested in the benefits of humor in education and team building, facilitation, and creating safe spaces for expression and collaboration in any language. 

In case you didn’t know, She’s a certified Laughter Yoga Practitioner, Life Coach, Neurolinguistic Programming Coach, Aerial Yoga Instructor, Social Media Marketer, Forklift and Aerial Lift Navigator, and has a BFA in Performance Art. Coming Soon, RYT Certifications in Hatha and Children’s Yoga, (with possible future Mindset Coaching, and Group Fitness Instructor.)

Last year she had the honor of presenting at Performing the World with the Michigan Warrior Clowns. She has been a skilled presenter, instructor, and video editor. She is also in the 2021-22 International Class with the East Side Institute out of NYC and The Global Play Brigade, and Clowns of America International. 

Due to the state of the world, she is seriously working on her bucket list and mindset. She invites others to join her in co-creating an amazing world of fun, play, joy, and wellness in every possible aspect of life.  

Yep, she also creates live or pre-recorded interactive Zoom video-grams and storytelling with special effects for fun and therapeutic practices.  Her stories range from Bicycle Confessions, to fantastical video animated worlds dealing with tough issues, and a creative and humorous way.  Her goal is to empower women, girls, around the world through virtual and in-person experiences that lift us all up. 

Katy BEE really looks forward to sharing all of her new experiences with you in person in the future!

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