Katy BEE LLC healthy entertainment

Katy BEE LLC offers healthy, original entertainment for both adults and kids, through the many channels between kids and adults need of recess.  Check out all of our different areas of entertainment.  You can find out more at

www.beebeeclown.com – Award winning, five-star, premier children’s entertainment

www.impromptudanceparty.com – Corporate innovation building, team building, and a quick change of pace and energy for the office.

Offering singing telegrams too!

Fun is becoming considered to be important for humans. Not only healthy to move our bodies, but to challenge our minds in different ways. Dance, laughter, singing, and teambuilding exercises all help to create a happy culture in a healthy office. For children, the massive energy that kids come with means they benefit from cardio fun and watching some cultural performances that they get to participate in.

“Bring on the fun” is the motto of Katy BEE LLC where no matter the location of the event, there is always a way to bring something fun that will bond the group with fun memories, and new experiences all of which support individual creativity. While you look around the articles in my blog, please note that science says that fun and necessary for human happiness, bonding and success. Innovation is scientifically shown to benefit from new experiences.

When imagining that business meeting that is coming up, and it lasts all day, and people are sitting all day learning, or listening for your company, consider bringing in a program that will help build your team, get everyone moving a little bit, laughing a lot, and thinking out of the box as they do something to support a healthy lifestyle – consider the call to Katy BEE. It’s a healthy thing to do for the office or for your kids.

For more information please click on the contact tab to reach us or call the number at the top of the page.

healthy Katy BEE fun
Katy BEE offers healthy and innovative ideas to entertain the office

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